How to Send Custom Domain Email Using Gmail

In today's era having a customized email for your small business or nonprofit organization is essential. Yes, there are free email suppliers that you can utilize and create an email account within seconds but those can make your business appear unprofessional. Benefits of having customized email for your business are endless, here some that I think are most important and will help your business strive:
  • A custom email address gives your business credibility and it helps you to build your brand.
  • Your personalized email address is easier to remember.
  • With a custom email address, you are in control.
  • Custom email address stays with you and makes it easier to find you

If you already own a domain and are a Die heart Gmail fan follow the instructions in the presentation below and you can start sending custom domain emails using Gmail in no time. If you don't own a domain yet and you want to take the easy route you can set up the G Suite by Google Cloud where custom email is a part of the package. Contact me for promo code to receive 20% off your first year of the G Suite Basic or Business plan.